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Evans | Team | We The Expats

The food is spectacular. I’ve always travelled and understand how important food is to a culture. It also helps to understand people better. In India, the variety of cuisines and complex flavours does no disservice to the Indian people.

Evans Boland


I travel a lot. It’s one of the reasons I came here, and besides, I work in the tourism industry! Though I spent the first six months in Delhi, I only spent four weekends in the city. I was exploring the country the rest of the time!

Valérie Valentin


I found a job opportunity in India and without thinking twice, embraced it. Three weeks after the recruitment process, I was on the plane flying across the globe. The best decision I’ve ever made!

Pedro Haun

second life

The Second Life Project

For a world without waste.

India produces 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste every day— plastic bags, cutleries, wrappers, and even toothbrushes, every piece taking about 40-1000 years to decompose! The Second Life Project is our small way to battle this and to be a positive impact in the community and encourage a conscious and responsible lifestyle.

Coming Soon.