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Interviews Reshaping the floral industry in India one bouquet at a time, Svetlana Bakshi.

7 Minutes With a lot of questions in mind, Russian born Svetlana Bakshi, landed in India for the first time te...

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Interviews Julie Parvery on how there is a solution for everything in India.

4 Minutes French travel consultant and trained sailor, Julie Parvery was living in Beijing for three years bef...

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Interviews Steven Guest, on how surprisingly organized the unorganized streets of India are.

5 Minutes A trained electrical engineer, a pastor, and a Bible teacher, Dr. Steven Guest was born in the US, b...

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Interviews Alexandra Bret on why adapting is better than struggling with culture shock.

4 Minutes

Fifteen years after he...

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Interviews Tatsiana Chykhayeva, the woman behind Life Talk Delhi.

6 Minutes Born in Belarus, Tatsiana Chykhayeva was only 15 when she first experienced a life of an expat in En...

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Interviews Ginalyn Makanawa explains the impact of expats on each other, and India.

7 Minutes Having lived in India for almost eight years, Ginalyn Makanawa, from the Philippines, now calls Indi...

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Interviews Cherry Chiesa-Barbon on the struggles of being an expat family.

6 Minutes Originally from the Philippines, 59-year-old Cherry Chiesa has li...

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Interviews Marla Diaz shares four important tips for new expats in India.

3 Minutes Marla Diaz, a literature and art lover from Colombia, found herse...

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Interviews Differences between working in China and India, according to Alexandre Williams.

4 Minutes "Enjoy yourself. Don't start anything that will not continue afte...

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Interviews How Evans Boland's impression of Delhi changed as he explored the city.

5 Minutes "I had never been to India before, but as soon as I was presented with the opportunity, I jumped at ...

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Interviews Valérie Valentin: On how the internet painted a different picture of India.

5 Minutes Having visited India for the first time as an intern, it wasn't a surprise that Valérie came back t...

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Interviews How Pedro Haun discovered the charm of India's organized chaos.

4 Minutes "Always keep an open mind and heart— it’s the best way to experience the culture to its fullest!...

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Interviews Marco Cappiotti, bringing Italy to India one oven at a time.

3 Minutes Born in Manali, by Italian parents, Marco Cappiotti always had a little bit of India in him. He live...

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From The Expat Community

Evans | Team | We The Expats

The food is spectacular. I’ve always travelled and understand how important food is to a culture. It also helps to understand people better. In India, the variety of cuisines and complex flavours does no disservice to the Indian people.

Evans Boland


I travel a lot. It’s one of the reasons I came here, and besides, I work in the tourism industry! Though I spent the first six months in Delhi, I only spent four weekends in the city. I was exploring the country the rest of the time!

Valérie Valentin


I found a job opportunity in India and without thinking twice, embraced it. Three weeks after the recruitment process, I was on the plane flying across the globe. The best decision I’ve ever made!

Pedro Haun

second life

The Second Life Project

For a world without waste.

India produces 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste every day— plastic bags, cutleries, wrappers, and even toothbrushes, every piece taking about 40-1000 years to decompose! The Second Life Project is our small way to battle this and to be a positive impact in the community and encourage a conscious and responsible lifestyle.

Coming Soon.