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About Us

For expats, by expats

About Us

Why We The Expats?

We felt the need to create a space where expats can come together, share their stories, and help one another navigate through life in India.


Our Values



We are curious by nature, we always want to learn and experience new things.


World Citizen

We believe in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable lifestyle. We encourage it and support brands and organizations who adopt this lifestyle as well.



We value
equality. We hold
no prejudices
against any
gender, race, or



We are a reliable source of relevant information. We always double-check, triple even, before giving out information.



We encourage positivity and
seek to inspire
others to be a
source of positive
influence too.


Our Team

Meet the faces behind the magazine.


Hugo Durand

After packing his bags and saying goodbye to family and friends in France, Hugo flew to Delhi to begin a six-month-internship with a digital marketing agency in Gurgaon. Coming to India was a challenge he voluntarily gave himself because of a desire to learn and be a part of a culture completely different from his. He now has an ongoing obsession with vada pao.


Mattéo Berger

Mattéo landed in India's capital on the hottest day ever recorded in Delhi, giving him a terrible first impression of the country. Three months later, however, he is beginning to see India in a whole different light and has learned to appreciate its orderly chaotic nature. Just like Hugo, he also came to India for an internship with a digital marketing agency.


Mimi Ruivah

Mimi met Hugo and Mattéo in the same agency she currently works at. Originally from Nagaland, she moved to the Philippines with her family when she was only four years old, and returned to India about a decade ago. She is on a mission to learn to speak Hindi and her local dialects and learn to cook the perfect Butter Chicken.

Do you have an expat story to share?

If you are an expat in India, we’d love to hear your experiences. We are always looking for contributors who can help us in building We The Expats community.

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