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An adventure of a lifetime: A review of Adam Rugnetta’s Beyond Choice

Author: We The Expats
3 Minutes

An adventure of a lifetime: A review of Adam Rugnetta’s Beyond Choice

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Before we get to know his choices, we need to know him. After spending his university time at California State University with a Master degree in the Humanities and History, Adam Rugnetta made teaching his career. He spent about four years in India teaching at the American Embassy School in Delhi where he started working on his book “Beyond Choices” and illustrated his experiences wonderfully. His incredible sense of humour and even more, an unusual approach to touch upon real-time issues make this book witty and compelling read.

This book is a witty, touching, and entertaining read.

The funny, philosophical odyssey of a middle-aged father and teacher caught up in a domestic and diplomatic drama in Delhi. This graphic novel is based on the true story of a family navigating the trials and challenges of life in a fascinating foreign world. It explores the age-old philosophical question: How did I end up in this mess?

If you have ever travelled or lived overseas, you will immediately relate to the challenges and triumphs illustrated in this book. Rugnetta is honest and humble, and the result is a story that transcends travel literature and forces the readers to contemplate their own choices, wondering which decisions were their own, and which were “Beyond Choice”.

We weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we got this book but thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Since the author was an expat in India, we could easily connect with his encounters and blinding mashup of the new and old India. In his work, Adam gives you in-depth information all through his perspective. He keeps you engaged and entertained throughout the whole book. You will love the fun graphics as much as the story.

Truthful peek into the lives of expats in India.

Beyond Choices could be considered a perfect sketch of the lifestyle of an expat living in India, and some expressions used in the book hold a truthful peek of expat dilemma and joy in India today. Adam seems to be sharply observing the culture across India’s burgeoning and byzantine cities and documenting them in elaborate illustrations. These illustrations on a variety of subjects like religion, gods and deities, daily life, and culture represent an entertaining and approachable way to bring in philosophy and history through his adventures in India.

Unmistakably explicit about India’s so-called chaos and charms together.

That’s it! I’m going to the hospital!” This is how the book began. India is itself a universe where everyone seems crazy, where everything looks upside down, back to front, and infuriatingly bizarre.
Beyond Choice is Adam Rugnetta’s hilarious chronicle of his adventures in India and would inspire your next project or vacation to the subcontinent and India. On a quick observation level, the Indian culture intrigues the eye, but as Adam immersed deeper in his research, he learned that beyond this, there is hope, religious beliefs, and charm too. Through his cartoons and witty lines, he aimed to portray the different moods of people you will meet on the streets of India. While reading the book, you almost imagine you are in the middle of that chaos.

From the Inside Flap

It’s a fascinating family adventure book filled with humour and experiences you might haven’t encountered. The images are nice, and the book is well constructed. It brings out the philosophy and history of India through Adam’s adventures in the country. Beyond Choice by Adam Rugnetta is already out on Amazon.

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