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Bedtime Story: Jivya And The Tiger God

Author: Mimi Ruivah
3 Minutes

Bedtime Story: Jivya And The Tiger God

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Are bedtime stories in decline?

Bedtime story is a tradition loved by many of us. This is a special way for children to bond with their parents on a personal level at the end of the day. Unfortunately, a recent study shows that bedtime stories are slowly fading out, as fewer parents read to their children for several reasons, work, and lack of time being some of them.

In our effort to extend our help to We The Expats parents, each month, we will be picking an inspiring story from the local region and help you build a bond with your children. Cherish the tradition of the bedtime story, one story at a time.

Bedtime Story: Jivya And The Tiger God by A Ramachandra

Once lived a man called Jivya in a village surrounded by the jungle. He was loved and respected by many, so much that when the head village chief died, he was appointed as the new chief. Jivya ruled with strength and bravery, keeping the village safe at all times.
One day, a tiger wandered into the village, leaving behind his paw prints to be discovered by the villagers. They were terrified. They gathered at the edge of the jungle with sticks and spears in their hands to hunt the tiger. Together, they thought they could get rid of him, But when they found him, the tiger leaped and dragged one of their men with him. The tiger was so unusually large that everyone dropped their weapons and ran away.
The villager went to Jivya and complained, the tiger god took one of them away. The tiger was so huge that they thought he was the tiger god. They were furious and told him to step down as the village head. But Jivya told them not to worry, and he will find the tiger god and destroy it.

Jivya rode for many days, but he couldn’t find the tiger god. So, he decided to make a horn to call on friendly spirits to help him in his search. After battling a great big bull, he found his horn. He blew the horn and the friendly spirit, a snake, appeared. He told Jivya to cross the five hills, and make arrows from the trees on the hills, these arrows will destroy the tiger god.
However, each hill was protected by a spirit, a boar, a bat, a monkey, some crows, and a jackal. He tricked each spirit and made all five arrows. With the help of an eagle, he finally found the tiger god, who was protected by four trees. With one arrow at a time, Jivya destroyed all four trees, and with his final arrow, he stuck the tiger god on his head. The tiger god turned into tiny little butterflies and flew away. Jivya returned to his village, and the villagers celebrated his victorious return. Until today, the villages still celebrate his victory and tell tales of the great Jivya.

This picture book was written and illustrated by A Ramachandra by using simple yet expressive traditional art forms. The book can be purchased online on Amazon and Flipkart.

And if you have an interesting Indian story, you’ve been telling your kids, share it with us! We will publish them for other expats parents to read too!

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