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Bedtime Story: The wedding of the mouse

Author: Mimi Ruivah
2 Minutes

Bedtime Story: The wedding of the mouse

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The tale of The Wedding of the Mouse is another classic Panchatantra story, an ancient collection of fables from India.

Along the banks of Ganges, once lived a group of hermits who were disciples of a Guru named Yadnyavalkya. The Guru was very disciplined and was often found in meditation.

One day, while bathing in the river, a hawk with a mouse in its claw flew over him. The mouse wiggled loose and fell into the Guru’s hands. The Guru knew that if he set the mouse free, the hawk would just come back and capture it again. So he used his gifts and transformed her into a baby girl. He and his wife raised her as their own. As the years passed, the girl grew to be a wise young woman. The Guru and wife were very proud of her.

Soon enough, as she reached a marriageable age, they decided to start the search for a suitable husband, a special husband for their special child.

The Guru went to the Sun God and asked him to marry her if he wishes and if she wishes too. The daughter refused because the sun was too hot for her; she wanted someone better. So the Sun God suggested they go to the King of the Clouds. Again, the daughter refused because he wet and cold, she asked the Guru to find her someone else.
The King of the Clouds told them to go to the Lord of the Winds, and the Guru did. He asked him to marry his daughter is he wishes and if she does too. However, the daughter refused once more because the Lord of the Winds is too restless and fast. She wanted to marry someone better suited for her. They were directed to approach the Lord of the Mountains, and just as before, the daughter refused to marry him— he was too hard. The Lord of the Mountains told the Guru to speak to the King of the Mice. When the daughter met him, she was beyond happy and agreed to marry him.

The Guru changed her back into a mouse, and she joined the mouse clan.

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