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Bringing India Into Your Home

Author: Mimi Ruivah
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Bringing India Into Your Home

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So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and move to India. You’ve found a lovely apartment filled with natural light, which isn’t easy to find around here. It’s time to decorate and make this new place feel like home! Where to start though? One of the biggest struggles we’ve all had about living in India is never finding everything in one single place! 

Right about now, I bet you miss IKEA— the furniture, the plants, the home décor, and the food, of course. However, IKEA can be pretty basic too, if I may say. Think about it; you now live in India, the mystical land of dreams, as plenty of writers have described it. India is a land with some of the most intricate architecture and craftsmanship, and of course, a culture that’s full of life and vibrancy, wouldn’t you want to bring some of that into your home?

India is a land with some of the most intricate architecture and craftsmanship.

I love everything design related, regardless of where it is sold, if it’s beautifully made, I will take it. Moreover, I love coming home to a house that is warm, cozy, and inviting— it’s one of my weaknesses. In the process of looking for furniture and décor, for my new place, I came across five Indian brands that I’ve fallen in love with, and quickly found in Delhi or else supports online purchases as well!

Courtesy – Fabindia


Fabindia has been killing the furniture game for about 50 years now. They somehow figured out the right balance between contemporary and traditional design, and as a result— classic wooden pieces that are functional, unique, and will stand the test of time. Not to mention, they have everything! From furniture to bed linen, textiles, candles, and even food! 

If you’re looking for types of furniture that are simple and elegant, yet stylish, you should consider checking them out!

Courtesy Nicobar


Let me begin with this; I love Nicobar. It’s classic, earthy, tropical, filled with positive vibes, and they’re environment-conscious! With designs that are inspired by “journeys across the Indian Ocean,” a tropical and modern take on traditional Indian lifestyle, what’s not to love? Unfortunately, they only have clothing and décor, but I will remain hopefully patient until they start designing furniture as well.

Courtesy Goodearth

Good Earth

I saw a Good Earth store for the first time, nine years ago, in Khan Market— it was love at first sight. I tend to lean more towards the earthy, beachy, boho décor, and neutral colors. Good Earth is different beautiful shades of pink, green, blue, red, and all the colors you can think of; nevertheless, I love everything about them. I want to live in a Good Earth store. The phrase “India, the mystical land of dreams,” perfectly reflects through their décor. Like Nicobar, however, they only have décor, breathtakingly stunning décor. 

Courtesy of Gulmohar Lane

Gulmohar Lane

Gulmohar Lane is a dream come true. First of all, they design both furniture and décor. Secondly, they’re sustainable and support other brands who have embraced sustainability as a core value too. Lastly, their designs are almost minimal and aesthetically beautiful. I nearly jumped out of my chair when I came across their website. The only downfall is, they’re based in Jaipur, so it will not be possible to touch or feel the products before purchasing them. 

Courtesy Chumbak


While they’re a little too colorful for me, I love the quirkiness their décor brings to a room. If vibrant, eccentric India is a vibe you’re going for, this is the place for you. Their attention to detail fascinates me, and their stores are quite inviting! 

Happy decorating!

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