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Buy an Air Purifier but Keep Calm

Author: Hugo Durand
3 Minutes

Buy an Air Purifier but Keep Calm

Reading Time: 3 minutes

If you live in Delhi or its suburbs, you should expect to spend some time in a polluted atmosphere. According to a study by IQAir AirVisual, a Swiss-based company, and Greenpeace, Delhi, the most polluted capital in the world, is surrounded by three other cities that have made it to the top ten most polluted places in the world. Gurgaon owns the title as the most polluted city in the world, Ghaziabad follows right behind it, and Noida rests on the 6th place. Unfortunately, India is home to many cities on the list, and as a result, you should be prepared to live with poor air quality.

However, as horrifying as it sounds, you shouldn’t worry so much because if there are 16 million inhabitants in the city of Delhi, amongst which is the biggest expat community in India, then living here should be a possibility, it could even be pleasant!

Yes, you probably should not go jogging next to the main roads where all the trucks, cars, auto-rickshaws and bikes are running, but that goes without saying. However, you can still run in Delhi even if the air will not be as pure as fresh mountain air. Just choose your favourite park and go ahead! Lodi Garden, Deer Park or Nehru Park, Delhi has quite a wide choice with forests and huge parks, so it might not be too difficult to find a green space around you. Though Delhi is the most polluted capital of the world, it is also filled with green spaces that help keep the city fresher.

If you don’t spend most of your time walking or being out and about, you have even better chances for good quality air, as you only need to worry about the air in the spaces you live in. Though it’s a proven fact, that indoor air can be more hazardous due to the lack of airflow; there are ways to combat it.
To transform the most polluted air into breathable air, you should get air purifiers. This tool has different ways to remove the harmful particles found in air, such as fine particles, chemical pollution, biological pollution including viruses, bacterias, and moulds.

There are different kinds of purifiers, some that have very thin filters with the efficiency that is close to 99.99%! Meanwhile, others use active carbon, which does not only filter polluted air but smoke and unpleasant odour, as well.
You’ll even have the option to opt for a portable air purifier, which costs about 2,000 INR. Otherwise, you can purchase air purifiers that are much more expensive, but also efficient in covering wider spaces, costing you up to 60,000 INR!

Though before your arrival in India, people, the internet, or even books will try to scare you off with incredible figures and unusual frightening facts about the air quality here, there is no reason to be excessively afraid. You do not need to panic and purchase ten air purifiers just for your bedroom or wear a mask while taking a shower.

To reassure you, a lot of expats we’ve interviewed affirmed that even after years of living in India, they didn’t have any problems, and as for their kids, they send them to international schools to take advantage of the air purifiers installed in the campuses to keep the air quality healthy.

But in spite having said that, it is important to take care especially this season, with Diwali just getting over and as the smoke from burning crops in Haryana settle into the city, and with the absence of rain, consequently leaving pollution suspended in the air, staying home is a good idea. But staying home with an air purifier is an even better idea.

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