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Five expats who love India and call it home.

Author: Mimi Ruivah
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Five expats who love India and call it home.

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India has seen expats come and go, each bringing a unique set of skills to share. While most expats stay a minimum of six months, others made a complete shift. Whether it is a fondness for the culture, a passion the people, or a love of the artistic environment, these expats found themselves drawn to India enough to call it home.

Here are five expats who are significantly contributing and sharing a love for India:

Natalie Di Luccio

A collaboration with Sonu Nigam introduced Italian-Canadian singer to Bollywood. Since then, Natalie has moved to Mumbai and has worked with many prolific artists and musicians from India and abroad. Some of her most notable works are a cover of Tu Jaane Na, a popular Bollywood song and several performances with Grammy and Oscar-winning composer A. R. Rahman.

Timothy Shaw

Born in Canadian born, artist Timothy Shaw is the co-founder of Tenalach, a fair trade clothing brand that emphasizes women empowerment in India. Based in Kolkota, Timothy’s clothing brand provides opportunities for at-risk women by training them and giving them employment in the company.

Myriam Sophia Lakshmi Quinio

Also known as Paris Laxmi, Myriam, a French-born Flamenco dancer, moved to India in 2012. Her skills in the art of dance, however, is not limited to one. Apart from Flamenco, she was trained in Jazz, Hip-hop, Ballet, Jazz, and Bharatanatyam since she was a child.
Today, she runs the Kalashakti School of Arts in Vaikom, with her husband Pallippuram Sunil, a Kathakali dancer.

Samuel Barclay

After practicing in LA for a bit, Samuel moved to India in 2006 to work with Studio Mumbai, a Mumbai-based firm led by Bijoy Jain. In 2013, almost a decade later, Samuel and his wife, Erica Barclay, co-founded Case Design. In 2015, they launched a sustainable furniture and lighting line called Casegoods, which reflects their commitment to sustainability and beautiful design.

Nur Kaoukji

In search of inspiration, Nur, a Jaipur-based Lebanese designer, switched from journalism to design. As a result, she has transformed the Kaswali home into one of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the Pink City. She has also launched an online lifestyle brand, with friends who shared the same passion called Ercu.

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