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Five local indie artists you should listen to.

Author: Marlon Reyes
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Five local indie artists you should listen to.

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When I first came to India, six months ago, I was quite excited to immerse myself into the culture by watching Bollywood and listening to Hindi music—this was the best way, I thought. However, it was a total fail because three months down the road, when homesickness hit me, I began craving for something closer to home. After a night out with friends at the Piano Man Jazz Bar in Gurgaon, and heard some local artists perform, I went into a frenzy looking for more Indian artists to listen to.

Here are some that I’ve come across, and have grown to love:

1. Aman Mahajan

A pianist and a composer, Aman  Mahajan released an album called Refuge in 2019. He is based in Bangalore but performs in Delhi often too.

2. Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad’s name was one of the first names mentioned when I asked my Indian friends about singers I should listen to from India. He has even won several international awards!

3. Tanya Nambiar

I came across Tanya Nambiar on YouTube, and immediately got hooked!

4. When Chai Meets Toast

Again, another band I found while browsing through YouTube, When Chai Meets Toast does an interesting blend of Western folk music with different Indian languages!

5. Lucia


When Lucia sings, the room listens. I heard her do an impromptu performance with Aman Mahajan a few months ago, in Delhi, and was blown away!


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