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How I’ve been spending my days since lockdown.

Author: Mimi Ruivah
3 Minutes

How I’ve been spending my days since lockdown.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Dear reader,

The most common questions asked this season seem to be “how are you?” or “how is the lockdown treating you?” So, I will not ask you how you’re doing. I’m pretty sure you’re tired of answering them anyway. I know you’re doing as well as you can during these confusing and uncertain times. When I say “well,” I don’t mean the traditional idea of being okay. I’ve realized that the idea of normal pre-COVID-19, is irrelevant these days. In fact, a lot of things that were considered normal are irrelevant right now.

I’ve realized that the idea of normal pre-COVID-19, is irrelevant these days. In fact, a lot of things that were considered normal are irrelevant right now.

You know, I locked myself in a week prior to the nationwide lockdown. So, by the second week of the official lockdown, I noticed that I was video calling people the whole day. I was missing family and friends more than ever. I was also cooking and drinking a lot more, don’t judge. I couldn’t get myself to work— every time I sat in front of the computer to write or edit, I wondered, why bother working if the world is ending anyway. In hindsight, it was funny and silly. Week three came, I was already getting tired of watching Netflix, how many series/movies can one watch anyway? Turns out a lot. I don’t even remember what I’ve watched and not, but if you’re looking for something new to watch, try watching Miracle in Cell No. 7. It’s a beautiful Turkish movie. I need to mention that by week three, an expat friend of mine who was quarantined in Gurgaon, came to stay with me for the duration of the lockdown. I was relieved. Since then, we’ve whipped out a lot of new recipes, tried making rotis and failed miserably, and tried our hands at gardening too— my newly planted tomatoes are fighting for their lives.

After week three, everything seemed fuzzy, honestly, I don’t even know what week we are in anymore. There are a few things I’ve learned: 1. I am a terrible roti maker. 2. Making butter chicken isn’t easy. 3. Do not trust shady alcohol vendors. 4. Politeness and kindness can go a long way. 5. No matter how much you hate schedules, they are important. 6. The definition of a productive day pre-pandemic, will not be the same during the pandemic. So, it helps to be a little easy on ourselves.

This is how my day has been looking like, literally:

6:30 AM            Wake up
7:30 AM            Wake up for real
8:00 AM            Coffee. Turn on Netflix
8:20 AM            Finish the article I couldn’t finish yesterday
12:00 PM          Lunch
1:30 PM             Remind Matthew for his new expat lifestyle post 
2:00 PM            Try to work. Think about the decors I need for the house
2:30 PM             Remember I need to buy a shelf
3:00 PM            Have 5 shelves in my cart. Remember I need to finish an article
3:30 PM             Is it too early to drink?
4:00 PM            Work
6:30 PM            Stalk people on IG/ Scroll through Pinterest

7:00 PM            Take pictures of the sunset
8:00 PM            Dinner
8:30 PM            Work. Sulk over not finishing my work to-do-list
10:00 PM          Play Ludo
10:30 PM          Turn off Netflix
10:40 PM           Doze off while talking to people

Somewhere between week one and whatever week we are in now, I think I’ve found a groove that works for me. It’s not as productive as I want it to be, but what the hell— I’m doing the best I can. And I am sure you are too. I’m curious. How does your day to day look like currently? What are you cooking— do you want to swap recipes? What are you watching? Where are you getting meat and cheese from? Also, do you have baking soda? All the stores in my area do not have it. It’s weird.

It seems to me that the country is slowly opening up. There are more cars on the road today than there were a few weeks back. The traffic lights work, stores are opening, and more restaurants are opening while practicing proper sanitation and social distancing. Social distancing seems to be the new normal. Hopefully, we can all get out there and give out unlimited hugs to family and friends, but until then, let’s remain kind to others and to ourselves.

With much love,

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