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Malta and the Indian Post Office.

Author: Ranjit Atwal
3 Minutes

Malta and the Indian Post Office.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I never look forward to a trip to the post office. Previous trips have been the stuff of nightmares. Fortunately, now I can pass on the wisdom of many lessons learned the hard way. Be sure to check that your post office can handle international posts, as some don’t. Being meticulous with the address will increase the chances of your post arriving successfully. I always include the receiver’s contact number and postcode. To avoid the concern; did it or did it not reach? I always ask for a recorded delivery so my worries about safe passage can then be quickly replaced by another concern, did I apply enough of that sticky glue that they have at the post office to keep the contents safe?

 On one particular occasion, I was attempting to submit some business documents to Malta. I handed over my envelope to the man behind the glass, after the long struggle through the “mosh pit” of a queue to establish that I was next in line. I was hoping for a stress-free exchange and had my money ready to wrap things up. It was after he, the postman typed in a few letters on the keyboard and looked up at me to ask, “What is Malta?” I explained it is a country near Italy, thinking that it would suffice.

He shook his head and told me that Malta is not listed as a country within the Indian Postal service. I opened up Google maps to show him that it is, in fact, a place and it is near Italy. I squeezed my iPhone a little harder as I said, “Well it is a country as such, an Island nation, whatever that means and it does have a capital city, so it qualifies” (I’m not sure that’s true, but it sounded credible). The only thing I could do was write Italy on the envelope so the postman could log it in and the envelope could finally be on its way to… Italy, to get to Malta. So you now know, you can not go to the post office and send a post directly to Malta from India. It did eventually arrive in Malta via Italy, but it took longer to reach its destination. To be fair, when I have sent items by recorded delivery overseas they have never failed to arrive at their destination and in reasonably good time. And by the way, the best website to track your post is, like it states, “All-in-one-package tracking”. 

 If you want to send a post to Malta and wish to avoid the Italian detour, use a courier aggregator like who will collect your post from your home and will select a courier that best fits the job. In this case, it was FedEx for me. Maybe all post for Malta is routed via Italy anyway, I don’t know, but Malta still is not recognised as a place at the post office. So now I use a courier, and I have no concerns and can relax knowing that my Malta post will arrive safely and in a timely fashion. And I then replace my previous anxiety with the frustration of having to spend 2,500 INR to post a document instead of paying 200 INR, each and every time!

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