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Metro or auto-rickshaw, the choice is yours.

Author: Hugo Durand
3 Minutes

Metro or auto-rickshaw, the choice is yours.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

New Delhi, the capital of India, the next city closest to me— though I’m not sure whether that last point is necessary or not. However, if you live in India, I’m pretty sure you’ve been to Delhi or will visit the city at least once during your stay here.

The city is huge and overflowing with things to experience in almost every corner. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you just walk down the road, and you have ten things to see! It’s more like walk down the road, grab a ride, and then walk some more!

As for me, I had to use three different means of transportation to go to Delhi and explore it. I began with what I think is the most comfortable one, the metro! I have to say though, the metro here is very different from the ones I’m familiar with back in France. Paris’ subways have foul smells, a dirty ground, narrow hallways, people jumping over the control gates, and lots of homeless beggars but Delhi has none of this!

The metros here are larger in size and can contain hundreds of people; you realize that even more, when the platform is empty. I’m pretty sure that there is enough space to play cricket! Moreover, it’s always clean! It’s because a sweeper is always on the platform and because eating and spiting is strictly forbidden! You should not try it unless you want to be fined 200 rupees, trust me on this. But besides that, my journey from Gurgaon to Delhi was quite enjoyable, the temperature inside was fresh, and you can see the rest of the city!

There are two types of tickets to use the metro, the token and a rechargeable card. The best option, according to me, is the rechargeable card, because if you change your mind midway as I did, you can still use your card. However, the token does not give you that freedom. I genuinely think the metro is the best way to explore Delhi, it’s fast, easily accessible, and affordable!

Now, if you want to cover a distance of 3 to 5 kilometres, the auto-rickshaw is your best solution! Auto-rickshaws are everywhere in Delhi, you can’t spend a minute in the street without seeing, hearing, or smelling one of them! The empty ones will usually navigate towards you and try to get you in their vehicle. But because I want to pay the right amount, I always choose to grab an auto through Uber— hassle-free!

The auto-rickshaw is also more comfortable than it seems like, and even without air-conditioning, the temperature is still tolerable due to the breeze. Not to mention, it’s super fast too! I find this ride really fun because it satisfies my need for speed and wind at the same time!

Wheels are not necessarily the only convenient means of transportation, though, you still have you— at least, when you don’t have a lot of kilometers to walk! I sincerely believe that walking is the best way to enjoy a new place, a new city. In fact, you will find spots that you would have never discovered if you simply relied on the metro or the auto-rickshaw! I found that it was the best way to explore Delhi even if I was exhausted at the end of the day.

I love being able to observe things, especially animals! Delhi has different species of birds, frogs in the parks, small squirrels, and even the monkeys, who were staring at me even more I did! They also followed me through the trees for a while!

Just make sure to watch out where you place your feet to avoid holes, big puddles and the other pitfalls on your way.

Whatever means of transportation you use, I am sure that you will enjoy roaming Delhi.

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