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Sector 29: An unexpected night of fun.

Author: Hugo Durand
3 Minutes

Sector 29: An unexpected night of fun.

Reading Time: 3 minutesIf you live, eat, and sleep in Gurugram, you’ve probably been to Sector 29. If you’re just passing through and only heard of it, you should grab a few friends and head to Sector 29 to experience its vibe. Whether you’re looking to take a stroll in the park, to do some shopping, or eat good food and dance all night, this place has everything.

For me, personally, I went there with two agendas, to eat good Indian food and go dancing. Nevertheless, my friend and I were quite flexible in our plans. I think that it’s really important to have open-ended plans when you visit a new country! Anything can happen, and so we should just focus on discovering the place and living each moment to the fullest!

My friend and I took an Uber to Sector 29 and stopped at the park first. The park had a fountain, lots of trees, decorated bushes, and green lawns, reminding me of the larger nature areas of my home and the French mountains and nature. While the garden is not incredibly beautiful, it made me forget the roughness of the city for a bit.

We found ourselves at the Molecule, with options of an indoor and outdoor sitting, and opted to have dinner outdoors while overlooking the city of Gurgugram. A lively atmosphere, fun music, and most importantly, good food made the night worth it. The best part of it all was how tasty yet inexpensive the food was— 600 rupees for a meal! I’m not sure if that’s generally good around here, but for me, it was such a good deal! The only downside to the whole experience was, you won’t be served drinks if you’re below 25. Nonetheless, all things worked out for good, because of this rule, my friend and I discovered the wonders of mocktails!

As I have mentioned earlier, one of the goals was to find a place to dance. Though Molecule was perfect, under the advice of other young people around us, we decided to move to the Warehouse Cafe. It was good advice, ultimately. The Warehouse was filled with people grooving to Indian music and occasionally, an English one! The only downside was the closure of the Cafe at 1 AM in the morning.  

Getting back home was another adventure altogether, and deserves a post of its own, remember to take an Uber home, especially when you’ve been drinking. There are policemen all over the city, and they will stop you and keep you in their custody if they see you walking around intoxicated.

Sector 29 is the place to be at, if you want to have some fun in Gurugram!

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